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Sunshine Week Approaches

  • Sunshine Week Approaches

Calls for More Events to Register

Sunshine Week for the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre Trust commences on Sunday, and locals looking to aid the fundraising by hosting an event are being urged to register.

The Centre's week of events commence on Sunday with the Family Fun Day at the Kinross Woolshed, followed by a Golf Day on Friday September 22 and a Winery Tour on Saturday September 23.

Fundraising Manager, Jane Evans, there are already 17 other public events planned for next week, but more events will be welcomed, even after Sunshine Week is complete.

"We're encouraging community groups, businesses, sporting clubs, it doesn't have to be really grand, if you are feeling adventurous you could do a fashion parade or a movie night or something like that but otherwise just have a morning tea at your place of work. You just need to register your event at We would love to hear from you."

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Jane says she is hopeful that the fundraising effort last year that raised $60,000 for the Trust can be surpassed with this year's efforts.

"It really doesn't have that clinical feel that so many hospitals do. We've tried to have really earthy tones incorporated in the centre, the beautiful Wellness Centre, which is the respite centre for the cancer patients away from the normal hospital. So, anyone who has seen it will know how amazing it is, and we need to continue that support, so, yeah, let's hope we top the 60,000."