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SES Thunderstorm Warning

SES Thunderstorm Warning

SES Issues Thunderstorm Warning After Sink Hole Develops in North East

With predicted thunderstorms across some areas of the North East, The SES have issued the following warning… It’s an important reminder to remain vigilant of your conditions and surroundings but our eyes were drawn to the part about the sink hole!

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It reads:

Forecast thunderstorms pose flash flood risk

Victorians are being urged to remain vigilant as severe thunderstorms are likely to produce large hailstones and heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding across parts of the state. It is forecast that there could be locally heavy rainfall of up to 50-60mm in some areas.

The State Emergency Service advises people to remain alert, especially in fire affected areas as heavy rainfall increases the potential for landslides and debris across roads.

Residents are encouraged to check that loose outdoor items are safely secured, move vehicles under cover and to stay indoors.

If you are travelling do not drive through floodwater and if driving conditions are dangerous, safely pull over away from trees, drains and low-lying areas.

SES State Agency Commander, David Baker recommended Victorians be aware of changing weather conditions.

“It is forecast that slow moving storms will bring heavy rainfall with the potential for flash flooding across the state. Just this afternoon She Oaks recorded 54mm in 50 minutes.”

“Flash floods can happen quickly, without warning and it is important to never enter or drive through flood waters, as it can take just 15 cm of water to float a car,” he said.
“Last night the
SES Corryong Unit were called to an incident in Nariel Valley, where a major sinkhole developed in the road, all of which was caused by a thunderstorm.”

“Stay aware of your surroundings and if you’re travelling or are in unfamiliar places, make sure you are aware of the local risk.”

It is important to stay informed and monitor weather warnings and forecasts which can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology website and application along with warnings through VicEmergency.

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