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Identified, 31 years on.

Identified, 31 years on.

Identified, 31 years on.

The identity of a teen girl killed in a crash more than 30 years has been revealed.

A fatal head on crash on October 27, 1987 in Tarcutta was thought to have taken the life of one 17 year old Jessica Pearce, according to the Border Mail.

The girl had been laying on the seat in the back and was ejected during the crash, killing her.

Others in the car didn't know her for long, and had told police that she was called "Jessie" or "Jessica". Another woman had incorrectly identified the body as being Jessica Pearce.

The body was buried in January of 1989 with a destitute burial with no friends or family because it had not been positively identified.

Many more similar burials had occurred without complete records of plot locations, thus deeming the exact location of the remains unknown, and not allowing police to exhume the body.

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A coroner has now ruled the woman as Ursula Barwick who had been reported missing in September 1987, aged 17.

Ursula had adopted a new name, introducing herself as "Jessica", after moving to Sydney.

A passenger and the driver of the vehicle have both identified a picture of Ursula as being "Jessica".

Coroner Derek Lee handed down his findings hoping that it would bring some solace to the family. Ursula's mother died, not knowing what happened to her daughter.

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