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NSW Premier Under Pressure to Open Border

With the Premier Daniel Andrews announcing the lifting of restrictions on Metropolitan Melbourne and the ring of steel to regional Victoria, all eyes are now on the NSW Premier regarding the opening of the NSW-Victorian border.

Mr Andrews says he expects to speak with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian this week about borders, following a meeting held at National Cabinet on Friday.

All states were called on to open by Christmas by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Ms Berejiklian previously indicated she would consider opening the entire state to regional Victoria because of the low case numbers.

Meanwhile, the North East region could soon be welcoming new arrivals from Metro Melbourne with the ring of steel set to be lifted from 8 November.

A recent poll has also found one in four Melburnians want to move out of the state's capital into regional areas meaning we could also see more people move from Melbourne to the North East.

The rolling 14-day average is now 0.2 in regional Victoria.

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